Choose from one of our many pre-existing music channels, each one built to create a specific atmosphere. Each channel is shaped using a mix of classics and new content.


If you would like something unique to your business, our content team will collaborate with you to create a new channel, tailored to create the precise atmosphere you require, enhancing your branding and customer experience.


Enhance your holiday sales or just get into the celebrating mood with our Special Events Channel. This channel runs all year round and covers all the important events. For the big events, like Christmas, we add in some extra channels for you to choose from.


Not as simple as a rigid playlist on loop, SMA uses a complex scheduling system to ensure the music flows smoothly with the day, avoiding extreme peaks and drops in the music.


All of our channels are regularly updated, removing less relevant content to make way for new releases. This process ensures that your channel is always fresh.


The SMA media library spans more than 6 decades and includes every genre and it grows bigger every day. We have strong relationships with all the major and independent record labels in Australia.



Write, record and edit new promotional content with SMA’s studio production service.
  • State of the art recording studios – SMA uses industry quality recording studios, with a professional sound technician
  • In-house voice artists – Choose from one of our in-house voice artists or take your pick of a voice from the agencies that SMA has close working relationships with
  • Collaborative script writing – Send us your script, collaborate with us to write one or leave it to us
  • In-house editing – Professional editing of all recordings
  • Extensive library of royalty free backing tracks – Send us through your backing track or we can pick one for you that compliments your message
We will create ads to be scheduled into your SMA digital media service or for free-to-air radio.



We will schedule your existing communications assets and new content created using our Studio service.
Give your service another dimension by adding our news updates sourced from Macquarie Media, covering national and global news and sports.


We will schedule your existing videos or still images and new content created by us.
Choose between having back to back signage displaying on your screen or add the element of entertainment with one of our Vision channels.


We will collaborate with you to find the best scheduling for your assets, taking into consideration peak and off-peak times and days.
Scheduling can be updated as often as it suits your marketing strategy.


SMA’s Vision service is the¬†perfect way to compliment your digital signage. We currently have 4 channels to choose from:

World Travel, Quirky, Glamour and Extreme Sports.

These carefully curated video collages work to add an extra dimension to your digital media solution, enhancing your branding and marketing strategy through entertainment.


Compliment your music channel by adding the corresponding music videos and watch your digital media solution take on a whole new role in your marketing and branding strategy.

SMA’s Music Videos service¬†adds an element of entertainment to your digital media solution, enhancing customer enjoyment and increasing engagement.

Each of our channels is shaped to suit a specific mood. Choose a pre-existing channel that best reflects your brand image or collaborate with our content team to create a unique channel for your business.

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