About us


SMA Entertainment has been providing digital media to businesses since 1996.

We cater to a wide range of businesses across multiple industries in Australia and New Zealand.

We are proud to be part of the Macquarie Media Limited, of whom Fairfax is a majority shareholder.

At SMA Entertainment, we are proud of our wide range of services, including
Music, Digital Signage, Studio, Scheduling, Vision and Music Videos.

Choose from any of our products to create an integrated solution
that will best suit your marketing and branding goals.


SMA is a B2B content provider of audio and visual solutions, complimenting and enhancing the aesthetic that you want for your business.
We are a dedicated team of music and marketing experts trusted by thousands of clients across hospitality, retail, health and fitness, and many more.
Our services contribute to sales uplift and customer retention.
Our content team, and technical experts can provide you with a cutting edge solution tailored specifically to your requirements.



Communicate with your clientele in real time.
Add educational and promotional material to your music and visual services.
Create new or re-purpose existing messages.


Increase brand identity with music and vision that appeals to your target market.
Compliment your brand aesthetic with media that is specifically curated to appeal to your target market.
Create a multi-dimensional media solution.


Appeal to customers through multiple senses with a custom, multi-dimensional digital media service.
Create an atmosphere that your clientele will enjoy spending time in.
Improve customer experience through entertainment.

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